Is EMPIRE TRADING GROUP an authorized brand distributor?

Yes absolutely! We strive to continue to add to our prestigious brand catalog via our trusted vendors.

What are typical lead times?

Lead times vary for every brand and vendor. We typically receive domestic orders within 1-3 weeks. International orders can take longer, ranging anywhere between 3-6 weeks.

How can I place an order for this brand or others?

You will need to contact us via email to receive our wholesale application for pre-orders or in stock offers. You can also subscribe to our All Access Plan for direct access to better pricing on our catalog

Any restrictions with this brand?

All brands have different polices and restrictions. Before purchase it is best to ask your sales representative for more information.

Do you sell to online retailers?

Yes, we do sell to online retailers. Please note you will have to agree to certain MAP policies if asked by the brand directly.

For any inquiries please contact sales@empiretradinggroup.co

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Distribution in 5 countries, including big markets like the USA & China. Management of over 100+ luxury brands. Access to over 400 brands in our catalog.

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